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RAIEB Workflow

Ready As I'll Ever Be Workflow (Multiple Animator Project)

Natali's workflow begins with storyboarding, eventually compositing all final animations and assets in After Effects. Inspired by the intense, thrilling horror film It (2017), animators across the internet collaborate to make a fully animated project, all in their respective styles. 

The Animation Project was hosted by artist Matt, more commonly known as Punkyiggy, on Instagram.

The project is available to watch here:

RAIEB Multiple Animators Project 

Jack and Jill Reimagining (Storyboard)

Natali's re-imagine of the classic short story of Jack and Jill. This short project was made to learn how to navigate through the Adobe Flash/Animate workspace. 

Jack & Jill Reimagining 
Animaton Reel

Animation REEL

You Were Mine by Carl Storm
My Last Teen by Summer Soul
Comedic Storyboard Audio by Drew Lynch

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